Our library includes many Case Studies on how this open,  machine-readable ANSI/ISO standard may be leveraged. These  include various corporate real-world scenarios and natural (e.g.,  earthquake, hurricane, etc.) and man-made (e.g., terrorist attacks, oil  spills, etc.) events.We also take into consideration efforts such as the Semantic Web that  promote open-standards that include RDF and OWL to present a holistic  view on how emerging technologies may better promote a more harmonious Web.

Link to Data interchange Flexibility (JSON / XML / RDF)

NIST-StratML: Common Ground

The Semantic Web and Alignment Theory

The Disaster Matrix Theory (Part Two)
The Disaster Matrix Theory (pdf file)

StratML Portal – StratML Exchange – StratML Master Repository

StratML: Private & Public Sector Uses

IT Deployments in Heterogeneous Environments

Creating a Seamless & Agnostic IT Ecosystem (Federal, State, and Local Levels)

StratML – The 2013 Boston Marathon Attack

Part One: StratML Toolkit & StratML Cloud (text)

Part Two: StratML Toolkit & StratML Cloud (visuals)